Hypoallergenic Skin Cleanser

Hypoallergenic Skin Cleanser

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Eco-Max Hypoallergenic Skin Cleanser is specially formulated without the use of known allergens to provide a safer product for sensitive individuals.  This plant based, environmentally responsible formulation handles tough soils but is safe and gentle for the entire body.  This is a scent free product.  Eco-Max Hypoallergenic Skin Cleanser is the product of choice for use in restrooms at fine restaurants, hotels, offices, institutions etc.

  • Effective, safe and gentle for use on the entire body
  • Non-GMO, latex free, scent free product
  • Non-toxic to humans and aquatic life
  • Zero indoor air pollution
  • Readily biodegradable
  • EcoLogo certified
  • Recyclable packaging

This product DOES NOT CONTAIN the following commonly used ingredients: Latex based Opacifier, Fragrances, Toxic Preservatives, Chemical Dyes. The preservative used in this product is food grade potassium sorbate.